Filter Solutions from Design to Market.

“If only all suppliers were as communicative and proactive as Rostar! Love working with their team"

Robert T.

“If only all suppliers were as communicative and proactive as Rostar! Love working with their team"

Robert T.

We Make Good Filters, and We Make Them Fast

Rostar develops new filter SKUs for companies that want to support new or custom product rollouts. We can also stock, manufacture, and supply complete lines of filter products to supplement your in-house production or replace or complement your current suppliers.

Automotive Filters

Automotive Filter Development

Our claim to fame is our lean, responsive production line. Our customers are often the first to push new SKUs to market, and we have the capabilities to help them launch products on schedule. We also have the most complete cabin filter program in North America.

Commercial Filters

Commercial Filter Development

Heavy industry, from machinery to transport, relies on the health of technical filtration systems. Rostar builds filters that adhere to technical standards across industries like agriculture, aircraft, transportation, and medical. We serve wholesale commercial suppliers and do not compete with our customers.

Our Capabilities

Design & Product Development

We help leading aftermarket brands to launch new filter products quickly and add more skus to their catalogs to better serve the demands of a fluid automotive aftermarket.

Filter Performance Upgrade

We work together to find ways to upgrade filter performance during the design and development stages. Oftentimes, attention to the smallest details make the biggest impact.

Testing & Validation

We expect the best from all our products, especially those that are new to market. We can assist our clients in testing filter performance and validating the results.

Brand and Packaging

Whether you want unbranded inventory or private brand packaging for customer-facing products, we can do it.

Flexible MOQ

Through personalized approach and open two-way communication, we work with our customers to establish MOQ that work for their business.

Direct Import

We utilize our extensive, trusted and tested network of worldwide manufacturers to import products to you directly from our overseas factories.

Just in Time Inventory

Rostar works with customers to produce and store inventory based on their forecasts so we can ship on demand to reduce customer inventory.

Worldwide Supply

Rostar utilizes extensive in-house manufacturing and distribution facilities as well as trusted global suppliers to meet the needs of our clients.

Get New Filter SKUs to Market Before the Competition

Innovation happens fast, so you’ll want to have the latest filters in stock for your customers. Rostar staff thrives on figuring out how to adapt our production and supply chain support so that you can launch the products in demand ahead of your competition.

From Design to JIT inventory, We Have a Solution.

We aren’t just producing filters. We run a lean manufacturing and supply chain operation that allows us to efficiently design, manufacture, and ship SKUs across North America.

Our Mission is Order Fulfillment

Whether small quantity, bulk product, unbranded boxes or branded packaging, we supply your filters how you want them, when you want them and with awe-inspiring turnaround times.

Who doesn’t love a good filter talk?

We’d love an opportunity to become a trusted partner for your automotive aftermarket brand. contact us for a confidential discussion.